My Arts

Welcome! This is where I post almost all my arts not related to Racket and MVTW. My art style, medium, and choice of subject can be quite diverse. While I understand the importance of having a niche style in the competitive world of art, I find it boring to pick one style and stick to it. My adventurous spirit makes me want to experiment with new ideas, new styles, and new mediums. I enjoy trying new things that will help boost my creativity and improve my skills as an artist. Basically my stance in art can be summed up in this Pablo Picasso quote:

'Style is beside the point. Nobody would pay attention if one always said the same thing, in the same words and the same tone of voice.'

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Kill Bill 3 blue version Kill Bill 3 other Kill Bill 3 inverted version Kill Bill 3 red version Kill Bill 3 original Busta Rhymes Broly Freddy Krueger vs Aku Eric B and Rakim as Cat 9 Tailed Wolverine Iron Man with 2 Infinity Gauntlet King Kong DJ Thade2 Galactus Bean


bear shy girl Dachshund Bloodhounds Shar pei sneakyfranky hookahhamster bulldogandson gimpystarfield madpoodle fbilwic 1catand3dogs Felicia chocolab dalmatian dog resting on grass closeupdog pitbull maltese catportrait cat Peter Griffin v. Ernie the Giant Chicken: Matrix Style Batta Knight Kirby Riding on a Nimbus Blade vs Leatherface Wiseau Version of the Avengers Ghostbusters 3020 M3itblum Mr. Bean vs Howard the Duck Superserling Darth Krueger Samurai Jack in Multiverse Scribble 10 Smudge 9 Smudge 8 Smudge 7 Mozayix Fracture 9 Fracture 8 Fracture 7 Fracture 6 Fracture 5 Scribble 2 Scribble 1 Fracture 4 Fracture 3 Fracture 2 Fracture 1


Captain America vs Galieza Goku vs Norris Thanos napping mermaids dragon The Chosen One Chimera 2 Chimera 1 Scribble 9 Scribble 8 Scribble 7 Scribble 6 Scribble 5 One Soul 6 One Soul 5 One Soul 4 One Soul 3 One Soul 2 One Soul Smudge 6 Smudge 5 Smudge 4 Smudge 3 Smudge 2 Smudge 1 portrait Catfish Fish 3 Fish 2 Fish 1


Battle of the Sea Monsters The Orange Cat Scribble 4 Scribble 3 Evil Dead Thade Wolf Wizard Vegetable Lambs of Tartary Werewolf Tarasca snallygaster versus dwayyo pegasus green lion eat sun lung dragons cockatrice city destroy chimera angry dinosaur blunicorn cave seige